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FreeIspRadius is an ISP billing software designed to streamline operations for ISPS and It's tailored to provide Isp billing services at almost no cost.

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About FreeIspRadius

Isp Billing Software

FreeISPRadius is a comprehensive billing software designed specifically for MikroTik networks, catering to various network rOUTERS such as PPPoE, static IPs, and hotspots. This software streamlines the management and billing process, providing an efficient solution for network administrators and service providers. With its user-friendly interface and robust feature set, FreeISPRadius simplifies the complex tasks of network management, ensuring accurate billing and enhanced service delivery for ISPs.

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Our Services


Streamline your ISP business with our advanced PPPoE billing solutions, designed for efficiency and ease of use.

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Elevate your hotspot services with our dynamic billing system, tailored for flexibility and seamless user experience.

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Static Ips

Effortlessly manage and bill for static IP allocations with our robust software, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction

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FreeIspRadius Features

Sales & Marketing Management

Enhance your sales strategy with our software's advanced analytics and automated marketing tools.

Billing Management

Simplify billing with our automated invoicing system, offering accuracy and efficiency.

Network Management

Streamline your network operations with real-time monitoring and management tools.

Operation Management

Elevate operational efficiency with integrated task management and workflow automation.


Build lasting relationships with clients using our CRM's personalized communication and customer tracking features.

Custom Development

Tailor our software to your specific needs with our custom development services.

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